Glencoe, MD Train Wreck, Dec 1912


Several Railroad Men Killed Near Glencoe, Maryland


On Sand Patch Grade and Dash Down Mountain Side for Eight Miles - CARL MASTERS in List.

Sacrificing themselves in an attempt to save their runaway freight train from destruction, eight Baltimore & Ohio Railroad men were either killed or crippled for life about 6:15 o'clock yesterday morning.

The men comprised the crew of an extra freight train of forty-two cars, heavily laden with coal, which broke loose from the clutch of the brakes on the Sand Patch grade and after dashing madly down the mountainside for over eight miles, was wrecked near Glencoe, Md.

The known dead are:
CARL MASTERS of Hyndman, brakeman.
NEWTON MARTZ of Kennell Mills.

The injured are:
C. L. RINGLER, conductor, Old Town Road, Cumberland, badly injured about head, but expected to recover.

MAX A. SPETCH, fireman, 5 Woodside Avenue, Cumberland, both legs crushed and badly injured about body. Condition very critical.
HENRY SMITH, brakeman, 14 Broadway, Cumberland, injured about head and limbs.

Those who are still missing and who may have been buried in the wreckage are:
W. S. SMALL, brakeman, Cumberland.
MARCUS SIMON, fireman.

One man not yet identified.

Bedford Gazette Pennsylvania 1912-12-13


Actually in Pennsylvania

Train wreck actually happened at Roddy Curve 1 mile from Glencoe,Pennsylvania. Picture of wreck is displayed at Hoss' Restaurant in Somerset,Pa