Cumberland, MD Bridge Collapse and Train Wreck, Aug 1887


A Baltimore and Ohio Train falls Into a River.

Early the other morning while an engine attached to a mixed freight train was passing over the Mount Savage bridge a few miles west of Cumberland, Md., on the Pittsburg division of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, the structure gave way. The engine and several cars were precipitated into stream, which had been swollen by a water spout that occurred at the head waters. Engineer WILLIAM DRISCOLL and Fireman WILLIAM PAYNE were instantly killed. A brakeman was severely injured. The passenger trains were all delayed by the accident.

Th piers of the bridge had been damaged by the sudden rise in the stream, which caused the structure to give way under the weight of the locomotive.

This is the third fatal accident which has occurred to Baltimore and Ohio trains within a week.

The Cranbury Press New Jersey 1887-08-05