Mann's Choice, MD Runaway Train Accident, June 1890


Dashed Into One Following Causing a Terrible Wreck -- The Train Takes Fire and the Imprisoned Men Cry for Help Their Suffering Terrible.

CUMBERLAND, MD., June 21 -- An accident occurred on the Huntingdon and Broad Top division of the Pennsylvania railroad yesterday morning, in which two men were killed and a number of others badly injured. The accident occurred about one mile south of Mann's Choice. Two sections of a freight train were running close together. The first section stopped to change engines just at the top of a heavy grade, and the train started back down the grade. The train dashed into the engine of the second section. The crash was terrific, the engine was upset and the cars were smashed into splinters. To add horror to the situation the train caught fire and the men imprisoned in the wreck could be heard crying for help.

The Killed and Injured.
BERT LITTLE, Alleghany county, Md., who was riding in the engine, was caught and his legs burned from his body, and his head and body were smashed beyond recognition. JOSEPH MARTIN of Buffalo Mills, Pa., a former brakeman, who was riding in the caboose of the runaway train, was horribly scalded and badly mashed. He lived but a few hours. HETRIC GROSS, the engineer, was caught under the engine and badly scalded. WILLIAM KEYSER, a flagman, was badly hurt, but will recover.

Indian County Gazette Pennsylvania 1890-06-26