Boston, MA Planing Mill Fire, May 1873


Burning of a Planing-Mill in Boston

BOSTON, Mass., May 3.----A destructive fire broke out early this morning in the steam planing-mill of J. F. Keating & Co., No. 197 Portland-street. The Messrs. Keatings' loss, including 25,000 feet of lumber, is estimated at $25,000; insured for $20,000. The fire spread to the adjoining building, occupied by Alonzo Bowers, carpenter and builder, whose loss is $5,000; Randall Brothers, cabinet makers, loss $6,500; Thomas H. Hoar, carver, loss $1,000; J. P. Dunham, frame-maker, loss $1,500; all partially insured. Wm. A. Holmes & Co., grocers, corner of Causeway and Portland streets, lose $4,000; D. J. Butler, wholesale liquor dealers, lose $3,000; and L. C. Durkee, wholesale liquor dealers, loses $5,000. The buildings burned were valued at $25,000. The total loss is $75,000 to $80,000.

The New York Times, New York, NY 4 May 1873