Braintree, MA Railroad Station Struck by Lightning, Jul 1908


The New Braintree Railroad Station Burned--Man Hurt Fighting Flames.

The Boston and Maine railroad station at New Braintree was almost burned to the ground Saturday evening. During the heavy electric storm a bolt struck the signal staff and ran down the staff into the office below, setting the office on fire. John O'Brien, who lives near the station saw the flash, which was followed by a terrific roar. He went to the door to see where the bolt struck, and saw the station on fire. He, with his son, Fred O'Brien, and Frank Barnes, hurried to the station and procuring the fire chemicals managed to save the freight-house, which adjoins the office. A bucket brigade was formed, which, with the chemicals, saved the freight-house. It is estimated that the cost of rebuilding the office and waiting-room will be about $600. The telegraph service between Boston and Northampton was out of commission for an hour or more. Frank Barnes, while fighting the fire, fell from the roof and sprained his right wrist.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 20 Jul 1908