Rowley, MA Coast Guard Helicopter Crash, June 1961


Rowley, Mass., June 30 (AP) -- The Coast Guard today sought the cause of a helicopter crash yesterday which killed the three men aboard it.
The helicopter had been cruising only 12 minutes before it fell into a heavily wooded area and burned.
The craft burned fiercely and was demolished. Charred bodies of three men were found inside.
They were identified as:
Airman Electronics 1C JOHN R. DOHERTY, 34, of Beverly, formerly of Manchester, NH, and Waltham.
Lt. Cmdr. CHARLES E. MUELLER, 41, of Hamilton, formerly of Roadhouse, Ill, pilot.
Lt. Cmdr. STUART T. SCHARTENSTEIN, 35, of West Peabody, formerly of Levittown, NY.

Nashua Telegram New Hampshire 1961-06-30


Rowley Crash

Stuart Scharfenstein was my father. The day that happened is also burned into my brain. My entire life changed. That you witnessed the crash and commented here is miraculous. It means so much that you and others were there even if it was horrible. It brings humanity and reality to the greatest nightmare of my life. Thank you.

I was riding on a Greyhound

I was riding on a Greyhound Bus with my mom either on 95 or Rt. 1 and watched the whole thing. I've remembered that day my entire life, I was just 3 at the time.

Rowley crash 1961

John Doherty was my uncle and I remember that day as thought it was yesterday.