Springfield, MA Mount Holyoke College Fire, Sept 1896


Mount Holyoke College Entirely Consumed---Loss, $200,000.

Springfield, Mass., Sept. 28.---Mount Holyoke college was entirely destroyed by fire last evening. The main building, all the dormitories and the gymnasium went to the ground. Loss, about $200.000, probably covered by insurance. The fire started under the gymnasium, probably in the drying room connected with the laundry, and spread rapidly to the rest of the building. There was no adequate fire protection about the building, and assistance was called for from Holyoke and Northampton. Much of the furniture and contents of the building, including a large part of the student's property, was saved, and no one was injured as far as learned. Mrs. Mead, the president of the college, was considerably overcome by the excitement. The building that was burned was four stories high and 180 feet long, with two wings running back 200 feet, also four stories high, and a three-story gymnasium, with the laundry and machine rooms beneath, adjoined the wings.

North Adams Transcript, North Adams, MA 28 Sept 1896