Providencetown, MA Schooner Pledge Wreck, Nov 1853

Loss of Schooner Pledge. Captain Chapman, his brother, and two men, belonging to the fishing schooner Pledge, of Provincetown, which was run down and sunk on Grand Banks, by Hamburg ship Donau, arrived in this city on Friday, in the steamer Eastern City. They were the only survivers of the crew----the remainder, five in number, were lost with the vessel. The names of the drowned were, PATRICK MURPHY, aged 40; CORNELIUS MAHONEY, 49; BARTLET O'BIREN, 23; NEIL McKENNON, 23, and JOSEPH SILVA, 18---none of whom were Americans. They were in the cabin when the vessel went down. The Hamburg ship took off the survivors, who, after being transferred several times to different inward bound vessels, finally reached Townsend, Me., where they secured passage in the steamer Eastern City. The Pledge was insured at the Union Office, Provincetown, for $1700.---Journal.

Barre Gazette, Barre, MA 4 Nov 1853