Worcester, MA Flood, Mar 1876

The scene near Jamesville and down as far as Curtis' pond, on the Boston and Albany railroad, show with what force the water passed there. The damage to the road is estimated at $90,000. The engineer of the road says in his report of the trouble: "At first double arch, pier gone, abutments left; a hole about 60 feet deep at the next arch, stone work half gone and ruined; north half of arch will be blown out. Hole 100 feet long and 40 feet deep at the first crossing beyond arch. Hole 100 feet long and 20 feet deep from there to Jamesville. Track is ruined, ballast gone, and hollow 'gullies' fully three-fourths of a mile of displaced iron at Jamesville. Depot and freight house all right. Arch culvert gone and 300 feet of opening about 10 feet deep."

At Quinsigamond, the water rose above the double arches of the Millbury street bridge and sucked down through the arches with great force. The gravel was washed out so that the bridge has settled at both ends. The ground has also fallen through at the north end. There is a crack in the masonry at the upper side of the bridge at an angle. The crack was increasing in size yesterday, and the bridge gave a hollow sound, as if its foundations were washed away. It was the opinion of those who had examined the bridge that it would fall in a short time, but it was standing late last night.

At a meeting of the water committee, Friday night, Mayor Jillson and City Engineer Blake were instructed to select seven commissioners to examine the dam and report as to the cause of the disaster. Among the members of the committee will be J. B. Francis of Lowell and John R. Davis of Boston. When the teams carrying pipe and men were sent to the reservoir, Friday afternoon, the Leicester people refused to allow them to pass at first, but Water Commissioner Hall told the men to go ahead, and after considerable discussion the men were allowed to proceed unmolested. In case an attempt is made to erect a temporary dam at Lynde brook reservoir, the people of Leicester will apply for an injunction.

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