North Bridgewater, MA Train Wreck, Aug 1859



As an express train on the Old Colony and Fall River Railroad was passing through North Bridgewater, on the way to this city, about half-past eight o'clock this morning, it came in collision with a covered carriage which was crossing the track near Keith's Mills. The vehicle contained four persons, members of a family, named STETSON, belonging in Abington -- MR. STETSON two women and a child. The locomotive struck the carriage in the centre, instantly killing one of the females and the child, and inflicting terrible injuries upon MR. STETSON and the other woman, from which there was no hope of their recovery.

Since the above was written we have received the following account by telegraph:
"As the morning express train from New Bedford and Fall River for Boston, which connected at Middleboro, was approaching North Bridgewater crossing, it came in collision with a carryall containing a man, two ladies and a child. The carriage was demolished, one lady and the child killed, and the man and other lady badly if not fatally injured. They were both speechless and their names could not be ascertained. The engineer saw the carriage more than one hundred rods from the crossing, blew the whistle, and made every effort to stop the train. Several persons who witnessed the accident say that the man had ample time to check his horse, but whipped him forward, and persisted in crossing the track. The opinion universally expressed by the eye witnesses was, that the officers of the train were entirely blameless in the matter."

As soon as the residence of the party had been ascertained, the horse which they had been driving was caught, and MR. ELISBA JOSSELYN and MR. IRA PORTER proceeded with him to South Hanson, with a north addressed to MR. ISAIAH STETSON, the father of the injured young lady, and MR. JOSEPH EMERSON the husband of the lady who was killed, informing them that the whole party had been injured by a railroad accident, and that MRS. EMERSON and her child were very badly hurt. MR. EMERSON started for the scene of the accident at once, and on his way met the hearse which contained the mangled form of his wife and the dead body of his only child. The scene was touching in the extreme, and would have moved the hardest heart.

Barnstable Patriot Massachusetts 1859-08-02