Plum Island, MA Schooner ALLIANCA Wreck, Feb 1896

The Allianca's Captain and Two Men Lost.

AMESBURY, Mass., Feb. 10 -

Wreck of the Allianca.

The three masted schooner Allianca, whick[sic] left New York last Sunday, went ashore on Plum Island last night, and was stove to fragments, four of the crew being saved and three drowned. The survivors are foreigners, and particulars are not understood.

The schooner had 400 tons of coal for St. John, N. B., and was commanded by Captain MELLONS. She sailed from New York, and reached Edgartown, where she rode out Friday's gale, and made Cape Cod yesterday afternoon. The captain kept off shore in the teeth of a streaky northeast gale, but he soon heard the whistling buoy and sighted Plum island light. Before they realized it the schooner struck, floated and was driven a mile up the beach through the breakers. She struck head on, the spars came out and she went to pieces.

The lost are: Captain MELLONS of St. John, N. B., 30 years, unmarried; JOHN REED, Calais, Me., age 26; ANDREW ________ , cook, of Spring Hill, N. S., 40 years. The wreckage is being searched for bodies.

The Lowell Daily Sun Massachusetts 1896-02-10


Missing Name in Article

The missing last name of lost seaman is McCarron. Andrew McCarron was my great grand uncle.