Dartmough, MA Bus - Auto Wreck, Feb 1930


Latter Vehicle Is Knocked Ten Feet Off Road at Dartmouth, Mass.

(By Associated Press)

New Bedford, Mass., Feb. 11.--Seven persons were injured, two severely when a Union Street Railway bus operating between Providence and New Bedford, struck a sedan on the state road in Dartmouth yesterday. The bus knocked the sedan 10 feet off the road and then struck a telephone pole. The sedan was wrecked and the bus damaged about the front.

Severely injured were two women passengers in the sedan, Mrs. Eliza P. Hawes, 77, Dartmouth, and her daughter, Mrs. Cynthia Hawes Lamb, Los Angeles. The mother suffered several possible fractures, preliminary examination at a hospital disclosed, and the daughter has a possible fractured skull. All the injured, three women and four men, were taken to a hospital here.

Several physicians from this city and surrounding towns were rushed to the scene of the accident.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 11 Feb 1930