Boston, MA Rest Haven Home Fire, Feb 1930


Sound Alarm And Assist In Rescue Of Aged People At Boston Home.

(By Associated Press.)

Boston, Feb. 10--Eleven aged men and women, bedridden and helpless, were carried to safety yesterday as fire destroyed a part of Rest Haven, a home for elderly persons.

Eight women and ahree[sic] men, ranging in age from 76 to 84 years and suffering from infirmities which made it impossible for them to escape, were within the building when boys outside discovered the fire and sounded two alarms.

Young men, 19 to 20 years old, mostly members of a nearby boys club, placed the old people in chairs wrapped them in blankets and carried them out of the smoke-filled structure to the homes of neighbors. The rescuers were completed before the apparatus could climb the steep ascent to the home, which is situated high on Parker Hill in the Roxbury district.

Two other inmates were able to make their own way out, as were the matron and a nurse, who assisted in the rescue work.

The fire was checked after the 80-year-old building had suffered damage of about $15,000.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 10 Feb 1930