Woburn, MA Lost Artificial Leg in Auto Accident, Sept 1946

Loses Artificial Leg--But Saves Life in Accident

Woburn, Mass., Sept. 13 (AP)--John O. Mitchell, 28, of Medford, lost his left leg today in the wrecking of his automobile, but the police obligingly recovered the artificial limb later so that Mitchell could make his way home.

In fact, Mitchell accounted himself lucky that he had an artificial left leg this morning when his car plunged over a 10-foot retaining wall and submerged in the long-abandoned Middlesex canal, for the leg was wedged so tightly that he was able to escape drowning only by unstrapping it.

Mitchell smashed his way out through a window, suffering minor cuts, and removing most of his mud-and-slime drenched clothes, dragged himself to the highway and thumbed a ride to a friend's house. Police later pulled the heavily-damaged car from the canal, pride out the leg and returned it to Mitchell.

Nashua Telegraph, Nashua, NH 13 Sept 1946