Boston, MA Area Canoe Accident, Aug 1838

ACCIDENT.---Last evening about 8 o'clock, a canoe containing five persons, three of whom were females, was upset in Shirley Gap, as they were coming to Boston. By the exertions of Capt. Rich, who fortunately was near at hand at the time, and put out after them, the lives of four were saved, the fifth, a man by the name of Robert Small, in attempting to swim ashore, is supposed to have been drowned, as he has not been heard from. The survivors were taken to the house of Major Thayer, at Deer Island, where they were comfortably provided for. The accident was owing to one of the men incautiously stepping upon the gunnel, which caused the boat to upset.--- Transcript.

The Farmers' Cabinet, Amherst, NH 31 Aug 1838