Everett, MA Train And Truck Collision, Dec 1966


Everett, Mass. (AP) -- Twelve persons were killed and 18 others injured early today in the flaming collision of a Boston & Maine Railroad diesel car and an oil truck stalled on a street crossing.
The impact exploded some 7,000 gallons of fuel oil and the flames engulfed the passenger car with some 35 persons aboard. The trapped passengers struggled to flee the inferno but one door was blocked by a body.
Fire Chief Herbert Fothergill of nearby Chelsea said most of the victims were trapped about 20 minutes before the flames could be brought under control.
Two of the injured were reported in serious conditon.
The single-car train's passengers had left North Station in Boston only about 15 minutes earlier. Many had attended a hockey game in Boston Garden and were heading home when the collision occurred in this industrial city adjacent to Boston.
Firemen defied the flames "with bare hands" to haul some of the of the passengers from the burning car, Fothergill said.
Emergency equipment was rushed to the scene and the dead and injured rushed to hospitals in Boston, Everett and Chelsea.
Policeman Ralph DeVito said he and officer George Stewart "tried breaking the windows with our night sticks but that wouldn't work. We couldn't open the door because there was this guy trying to get out the door with his head stuck through the window."
"We pushed him away but then there was so much smoke we couldn't see."
Ten bodies were taken to Southern Mortuary in Boston. Seven were identified by police and the mortuary from papers taken from the bodies.
They are:
LOUIS A. HOULE, Merchant Seaman.
JOHN H. MOORE, JR., 55 Vine St., Beverly Farms, Mass.
GRAHAM A. ATKINSON, U.S.N., 611 Kent St., Rome, N.Y.
JOHN MAHAN, 69 Atlantic Ave., Swampscott.
JOHN R. MALCOLM, 1 Hilltop Ave., Lexington, Mass.
PAUL AMERO, 16, 13 Riverdale Park, Gloucester, Mass.
BRUCE AMARAL, 19, 11 Riverdale Park, Gloucester, Mass.
THOMAS BAGLEY, 59, engineman, 189 Montvale Ave., Woburn.
EDWIN P. HUNT, 57, conductor, 6 Hurlbut Rd., Billcrica, Mass.
JOSEPH R. MONDELLO, 42, Sabieski St., Buffalo, N.Y.
DONNA DES ROCHE, 18 Russell Ave., Gloucester.
PATRICIA HUBBARD, Hale St., Beverly, Mass.
Everett is an industrial community on the outskirts of Boston.
Police said the driver of the fuel truck, Raymond Bouley, 29, of Billerica told them his brakes froze as he reached the crossing on Second Street and the vehicle stalled.
He said while he was trying to restart the truck, the gates came down on both sides of the crossing and he heard the train approaching. He said he ran down the tracks and tried to flag down the train with his jacket.
Bouley was treated for shock at Whidden and released.

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My Father was Thomas Bagley. On the 49th anniversary of this disaster, I say a prayer for ALL those killed and those injured.