Northampton, MA Runaway Accident, Mar 1907


Horses Dash Along Railroad Tracks for a Mile and Scatter People at Union Station.

A sensational runaway, in which a span of horses scattered the people standing about the union station at Northampton and ran for a mile on the railroad tracks, took place yesterday noon. The horses started to run on Pleasant street and after going through Railroad avenue and dashing across the platform at the station, took to the tracks. They passed safely over two railroad bridges, and were finally caught on North King street, not much the worse for their wild dash.

The horses were owned by S. J. Hobbs of Holyoke, who had driven from that city with F. C. Richards of Williamsburg. The horses became frightened by an electric car, and both men were thrown out on Pleasant street. Mr. Hobbs received a severe injury to one of his arms, but no bones were broken. The horses separated themselves from the carriage before reaching the station. They took to the station platform on the side next to the tracks of the New Haven road, and then ran up the track. The railroad bridges, fortunately, were not open between the ties, and the horses passed over them without injury.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 24 Mar 1907