Stoneham, MA Auto Wreck, Jan 1934


Henry Sanderson, Sec. of N. H. Consistory, Dead--Other Grand Lodge Officials Injured.

Three New Hampshire Masonic Grand Lodge officers, all from Nashua and all well known in this city, where they have been frequent visitors, figured in an automobile accident at Stoneham, Mass., last night and as a result, one is dead and the others are suffering from minor injuries.

Henry L. Sanderson, 72, secretary of the New Hampshire Consistory and a member of the New Hampshire Grand Lodge, is dead at the hospital in Stoneham as the result of his injuries.

The injured are Rev. William P. Niles, grand commander of the Knights of Templar in New Hampshire, George Danforth, past grand master of the New Hampshire Grand Lodge and James R. Cruex, a prominent Nashua Mason.

The accident happened as Sanderson, who was driving, suffered a heart attack. The car crashed into a tree on Rowe's hill in Stoneham, as Sanderson slumed{sic} in the driver's seat. They were on their way from Nashua to attend a Masonic meeting at Malden, Mass.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 23 Jan 1934