New Bedford, MA Explosion, Nov 1890

Explosion of Dynamite at New Bedford.

NEW BEDFORD, Mass., Nov. 5--Workmen engaged in the excavation of a sewer trench in Grape street to-day had a narrow escape from death. One man went to heat some water by an oil stove. The stove exploded and the flaming oil splattered into a box of dynamite cartridges. The cartridges exploded with terrible force, John Yavesham, the foreman of the gang at work had the entire side of his right arm torn open. Three cottage homes nearly suffered injury the glass in all being shattered and the furniture in these houses being thrown over to the floor. In one house the plastering was knocked from the walls and in all three houses a sorry spectacle was seen. Pictures on the walls in the pantries shaken from the shelves. The most singular part of the whole affair is that the shock did not discharge 60 pounds of dynamite which was near where the other cartridges exploded. The city will settle all damages.

Boston Journal, Boston, MA 6 Nov 1890