North Adams, MA Auto Wreck, Apr 1926


Machine Operated by Howard Liberty Crashes Into Three Objects on West Main Street.

A Willys{sic} Knight coupe owned by Mrs. Alvina Anderson of 586 State road said to have been operated by Howard Liberty of West Main street was badly damaged Saturday afternoon when it ran into the rear end of a delivery wagon owned by H. M. Gurney of Chantilly avenue, near Fairgrounds avenue on West Main street, swerved across the highway, struck a telegraph pole and then crossed a sidewalk and crashed against a concrete wall. Mr. Liberty is said to have been uninjured except for minor cuts on his hands.

The car was proceeding west along West Main street at a rapid rate when it ran into the rear of Mr. Gurney's cart which was ahead of it and travelling in the same direction. A rear wheel of the wagon collapsed and the car swerved across West Main street to the south side of the thoroughfare, went onto the sidewalk and hit the pole and concrete wall, coming to rest wedged between the two. Emergency calls were sent for doctors and ambulances by eye witnesses who believed that the driver must have been hurt but he climbed from the wreckage and walked away from the scene of the mishap. The accident had not yet been reported to the police this morning but State Highway Inspector M. H. McAndrews of Adams was investigating it.

North Adams Transcript, North Adams, MA 5 Apr 1926