Davenport, MA Drowning, Jul 1849

Melancholy.--Two young ladies of the Charlotte Seminary, at Davenport, Mass., and a Mr. Strain, were drowned at that place recently. The girls, with two others, were taken from a bath house by a lad of 16, and while crossing a pond, one of them rocked the boat so that it filled with water. They supported themselves by holding on to its sides while the lad swam ashore for help, when Mr. Strain swam out to them. Two fastened themselves to his clothes, and when about fifteen feet from the shore he exclaimed, 'Oh, my back!' and sunk with his charge. The others were saved, as all would have been, had not Mr. Strain gone to their aid. He had a lame back and was probably seized by cramp. He has left a wife and eight children. The parent's of the girls, Messrs. Ferguson and Cirill, reside in New York.

Liberator, Boston, MA 20 Jul 1849