Groton, MA Car Goes Off Bridge, 3 Girls Drown, Oct 1930


GROTON, Mass., Oct. 12.--Three young women drowned in the Nashua River tonight, caught in a closed automobile which plunged through the railing of the Main Street bridge. They were Mary Marlette and two sisters named Richards from Newton, Mass. Two men escaped from the car and were saved.

The automobile was driven by Samuel Maillet of Waltham, and with him besides the three girls was Alexander Burtess of Waltham. The road curves sharply onto the bridge and because the car was unable to negotiate the bend, it crashed through the railing.

The river is fairly shallow at this point, and both Maillet and Burtess crawled through the doors and got ashore. They failed to free the girls. A half hour later firemen aided by volunteers recovered the bodies.

Maillet and Burtess were taken to the Groton Hospital, where a police guard, was placed at their bedside pending an investigation.

San Antonio Express, San Antonio, TX 13 Oct 1930