West Worthington, MA Drowning, May 1863

SAD AFFAIR AT WEST WORTHINGTON--Three Young Ladies Drowned--We learn the particulars of a most painful accident at West Worthington, yesterday. It appears that Mr. Duane Beals, his young wife, Miss Cornelia Brown, and a boy of 14 and a girl of 11 years, named Jones, all of Worthington, and Miss Laura Beals of Hinsdale, were rowing in a boat on the pond in Worthington, when it was swamped from being too heavily loaded and the whole party were plunged into the water. Mrs. Beals and Misses Brown and Beals were drowned. Mr. Beals who was a swimmer escaped, bearing with him to the shore the boy and girl who clung to him.--The bodies of the young ladies drowned were recovered last night. The sad calamity has cast a gloom over the whole community where it occurred.

The Berkshire County Eagle, Pittsfield, MA 28 May 1863