Sheffield, MA Hail Storm, Jul 1863

GREAT HAIL STORM IN SHEFFIELD.--The town of Sheffield was visited on Sunday afternoon with a terrific hail storm, commencing about 3 o'clock and raging with great fury for nearly three-quarters of an hour, breaking windows, leveling fences and uprooting trees. From 100 to 150 panes of glass were broken in several houses, and hail-stones fell measuring 2 1-2 inches in circumference. It passed from west to east over the north and central parts of the town and in width about 3 1-2 miles. In the south part of the town, but little rain and not hail fell. Serious damage was done to fields of grain and gardens, and some fine orchards were severely injured; trees six inches through were twisted off and others torn up by the roots. The lightning struck in several different places, and altogether it was the most terrific storm of thunder, lightning, wind, hail and rain within the memory of the oldest inhabitant. S.

The Berkshire County Eagle, Pittsfield, MA 4 Jun 1863