Boston, MA Steamship Lancaster Drawbridge Accident, Jan 1880

BOSTON, 12.---The sudden breaking of a bell wire on board the steamship Lancaster came near resulting in a terrible disaster to the passenger train on the New York, and New England R. R. The Lancaster, a large iron vessel loaded with coal, had passed Congress Street draw and was approaching the railroad bridge when the pilot rang to stop. The engine wire broke and the engineer failing to receive the signal, the vessel kept on, striking the bridge with great force: The timbers were badly twisted, the bolt which locks the draw when closed was broken and the railroad tracks upon the bridge were bent about 18 inches from their proper position. The passenger train was approaching, but at a train's length from the break, the engineer noticed the disconnected rails, reversed the engine and applied the air brake, bringing a train of five cars to a stop about 15 feet from the face of the wreck.

The Deseret News, Deseret, UT 14 Jan 1880