West Warren, MA Train Wreck, Feb 1874


The New York and Boston Lightning Express off the Track Near West Warren, Mass.--No One Injured--Collision at the Scene of Accident--Trains Long Delayed.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass., Feb. 6.--Every car of the fast express train from Boston, due in this city at one o'clock, was thrown off the track two miles west of West Warren about noon today, probably by a broken rail. One drawing room car and the smoking car were pitched at right angles to the track, and the trucks were knocked from under three cars and entirely demoralized. Strange to say, no one was seriously injured. The excitement among the passengers was intense. A wrecking train was immediately taken out from this city by Major Nichols, and it was followed by a special train to transfer the passengers and they arrived this evening. The first express train from New York went on as usual at 1:35 as far as Palmer, and was to wait there for the track to be cleared. The return fast train from New York to Boston came in about fifteen minutes late, and was delayed here about twenty minutes for want of an engineer, the regular driver being at the scene of the accident. Freight engineer Dunlap was finally summoned and sent on with the "Shawmut." This is the first accident that has happened to the fast train since it was put upon the line, and it has rarely been late either way.

About six o'clock a wrecking train and local freight collided near the scene of the accident, throwing one engine from the track and delaying the trains nearly four hours.

Hartford Daily Courant, Hartford, CT 7 Feb 1874