Springfield, MA Highland Baptist Church Fire, Jan 1906


Captain of Springfield Engine Company Burned---Church Destroyed.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass., Jan. 3.----Capt. Sidney Bowers of Engine 4 was killed and Frank L. Hines, a fireman, was seriously injured in an incendiary fire which destroyed the Highland Baptist Church to-night.

The fire started in an adjoining barn, in which fires had been set twice previously in the last two months. Twice during the last two years fires have been started in the chapel of the church.

Capt. Bowers and three firemen were in the barn when the roof fell in. The three firemen were pulled out, but it was impossible to reach Bowers.

The church, which cost about $60,000, was dedicated in 1893. The insurance is about $40,000.

The New York Times, New York, NY 4 Jan 1906