Charlton, MA Train Wreck, Nov 1875

A Fast Train Accident.

A remarkable accident occurred to a passenger on the fast train from Boston on Monday. The Springfield Union says that soon after the train passed Charlton, he attempted to go from one car to another, and the terrible wind actually blew him from the platform. The horrified brakeman who saw the man go overboard like a leaf in the gale, immediately pulled the signal cord and the train was stopped, after running about an eighth of a mile. The brakeman sprang from the rear car and ran down the track with a red flag when, wonderful to tell, he met the man running to overtake the train and apparently chiefly troubled lest the passengers should be inconvenienced by the detention. He got on at the rear of the train and made his way quickly to the seat which he had left, and sat quietly down. His wife turned to him and remarked: "Why, they say a man was blown from the train just now," "Is that so?" said he. Presently a number of interested passengers who had followed him to his place, asked so earnestly after his welfare that the true state of the case dawned upon his wife and she exclaimed: "Why, was it for you that the train stopped?" And he had to tell her. Then, of course, she scolded him because he had lost his silk hat. They had been a long time married.

Hartford Daily Courant, Hartford, CT 1 Dec 1875