Vineyard Haven, MA Steamer ARANSAS Sinks, May 1905




Vineyard Haven, Mass., May 7. -- The steamer Aransas, Captain ROOD, of the Joy Line, was sunk in collision with the barge Glandower one and a half miles southeast of Pollock Rip Lightship tonight. One life was lost.
The survivors reached this port in the lifeboats of the steamer The Glendower was in tow of the Reading Railroad tug, bound east, from Philadelphia. The Aransas sank almost immediately after the collision, but it is said that the tow kept on. Sixty-five persons have been landed here.
Early arrivals in the steamer's boats could give no idea of the cause of the collision. It is believed here that it was due to fog, as there has been much thick weather off the coast the last few days. The survivors state that when the crash came the boats were promptly ordered manned, and the suddenly awakened passengers were hurried into the boats almost before they realized that an accident had occurred. All went over the side of the sinking craft without injury, with the exception of one woman passenger, who went down with the steamer. There was no wind at the time and the pull to the shore was uneventful.
The barge Glandower was a converted schooner of 855 tons gross and 823 tons net, 192 feet long, 34 feet broad and 16 feet deep. She was built at Noank, Conn., in 1894. She carried a crew of three men and was bound from Philadelphia, loaded with coal for an Eastern port. The Glendower appeared from the Aransas to have been uninjured.
The Aransas was an ocean passenger steamer, running between New York and Boston. She was 1,156 gross and 678 net tonnage. Her length was 241 feet, breadth 35 feet and depth 16 feet. She was built at Wilmington, Del., in 1877, and carried a crew of thirty-six men. The one life lost was that of a woman passenger.

New York Tribune New York City 1905-05-08