Sea Bright, MA Drowning, Sept 1891


A drowning accident attended with more than usual surroundings occured at Sea Bright Saturday afternoon. Arthur Alger, a seven-year-old son of James Monroe Alger, was given charge of his two-year old brother, Duncan, while they played upon the lawn of the cottage, which extends down to the beach. A neighbor called Arthur, and requested him to go on an errand for her. The little fellow gazed anxiously at his brother and then at the lady, and finally decided to go on the errand. He started off as fast as he could, leaving Duncan toddling up and down the sands of the beach. He was gone scarcely five minutes, but on his return the baby was gone. A dilligent search was made for the child. No traces of him could be found, however, until an hour afterward, when his body was discovered in the surf, about fifty yards from the shore.

Worcester Daily Spy, Worcester, MA 7 Sept 1891


Sea Bright, MA drowning

I can tell you that this article is about Sea Bright, New Jersey .... not Sea Bright, Massachusetts (by the way, I don't think there is a Sea Bright, Massachusetts)

It is interesting that a paper in Massachusetts would have published this story, but the incident 100% happened in New Jersey as James Allgor (not Alger as indicated here) was a well known resident of Sea Bright, NJ during that time period.

Here is the link to the cemetery headstone showing both James and his son Duncan's burial site.