Spencer, MA Auto Wreck, Nov 1907


Spencer, Nov. 24---Mrs. Justin D. Anderson, wife of the president of the Hartford Rubber Works Company of Hartford, Conn., was severely injured tonight by the overturning of a heavy touring car in which she was riding with Mr. Anderson and J. J. Shea, chief engineer of the rubber works. They were returning form Providence to Hartford, and when near Sibley's corner in the outskirts of this town, the machine skidded in the slippery road and was upset. Mr. Anderson, who was driving, had slowed down in approaching the turn and set his brakes when the car began to slide, but a wheel caught in the electric car track and the machine turned over.

Mrs. Anderson suffered a fracture of the left shoulder and contusions, and was badly shaken up. The men escaped without injury. After the fracture had been reduced by a Worcester physician who happened to be passing on an electric car, Mrs. Anderson was taken to her home in Hartford.

The Boston Journal, Boston, MA 25 Nov 1907