North Attleboro, MA Train Wreck, Jun 1907



Two Trollies Crash in Collision at North Attleboro

One person was fatally and nine others more or less seriously injured at North Attleboro yesterday in a collision between two large open cars, one of them filled with passengers on the Interstate Consolidated street railway company’s lines. The most severely injured was Motorman James Harding, who was taken to the Rhode Island hospital at Providence, suffering from internal injuries and fractures of both arms and legs. He died later at the hospital. The accident happened at a curve between North Attleboro and Attleboro Center.

A well-filled open car had been waiting on a switch for two empty extra cars to pass. One of the extra cars passed and the conductor of the regular asked the motorman of the extra if there was another extra behind. It is understood that the motorman of the extra replied that he did not know positively, but he did not think there was. The conductor of the regular then gave the signal to go ahead. On a curve less than 100 yards beyond the switch the passenger car and the second extra crashed together. Harding, the motorman of the extra car, was wedged so tightly between the two cars that both legs were crushed, both arms broken and he was terribly hurt internally. With the exception of Motorman Harding all of the injured were taken to their homes in carriages after the physicians had attended to their hurts. The Interstate Colsolidated{sic} is a part of the Rhode Island company’s system.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 25 Jun 1907