Deerfield, MA Train Wreck, Jan 1907


Defect in the Boston & Maine System Causes a Wreck.

DEERFIELD, Mass., Jan. 29.---Five men were killed and one seriously injured, as the result of a freight train running into the rear of a passenger train to-day, on the Fitchburg Division of the Boston & Maine Railroad, about a mile west of West Deerfield. The passenger train was stopped in a narrow cut by a signal, which it is thought was caused by a defect in the signaling apparatus. A brakeman was immediately sent behind to flag the following freight train, but did not stop it in time.

The men killed were all employes[sic] of the railroad, who were in the rear passenger car. They were George B. Busseno, G. W. Harrington, M. A. Fitzpatrick, Chauncey Cota, and R. N. Dennison. This car was burned and the bodies were consumed.

The New York Times, New York, NY 30 Jan 1907