East Pepperel, MA Train Wreck, Jun 1886



EAST PEPPEREL, Mass., June 20.----The north-bound passenger train No. 49, on the Worcester and Nashua Division of the Boston and Maine Railroad, due here at 7:51 last evening, and consisting of a baggage car and two passenger coaches, collided with an extra south-bound freight train of 17 cars, about 30 rods from this station last night. Engineer Whittemore, of the passenger train, who discovered the other train approaching when rounding a curve close upon it, had barely time to reverse his engine and apply the air brake before he, with his fireman, Edward Potter, jumped off. Whittemore escaped with slight bruises, while Potter was badly injured in the left hip. The few passengers on the train were violently shaken up. Mrs. Granville Parker, of Pepperel, was thrown over a seat and received a deep gash over her right eye. She was also rendered unconscious from bruises and internal injuries. Vincent Truder, of Ayer, was severely injured in the right hip. Mrs. Samuel Beverly, of Nashua, who was in the rear car, was thrown over a seat and sustained serious injuries. The injured persons were at once taken to the Prescott House. Both engines were badly wrecked, that of the freight train being almost completely demolished. The loss in property will foot up several thousand dollars.

The conductor of the night train was, it is said, under orders to side-track at this station for the passenger train to pass. He was within 50 yards of the switch when the collision occurred.

The New York Times, New York, NY 21 Jun 1886