Everett, MA Electric Car Wreck, Jan 1908


The passengers of two outward-bound electrics were thrown into confusion as the two cars collided yesterday afternoon in Glendale square, Everett. Fortunately no one was seriously hurt, although several were cut by flying glass. The motormen stuck by their posts and probably averted what might have been a serious accident, as each car slid along the slippery rails with considerable momentum just prior to the crash.

The front vestibule of the Boston Elevated Malden car was smashed and three or four windows broken. The Chelsea-Malden car suffered the loss of all the windows on one side. Each car had come to the required stop in the square and each motorman was waiting for the other to take the switch at the curve on Ferry street to go to Malden. Both cars started at the same moment and banged into each other as they were making the switch.

The Boston Journal, Boston, MA 27 Jan 1908