Stoneham, MA Auto Wreck, Nov 1907


Dr. and Mrs. M. E. Brand of Reading Thrown Out in Stoneham When Touring Car Hits Runabout at Blind Corner.

Stoneham, Nov. 24.----Dr. M. E. Brand of Reading and his wife were injured as a result of a collision between their automobile and the machine of Fred H. Goss of Melrose just outside of Stoneham square late this afternoon. The four occupants of the Goss machine, Mr. and Mrs. Goss and L. H. Latham and a Miss Kimball of Hillsboro, N. H., escaped without injury.

The crash took place at the junction of Main and Maple streets. Dr. Brand and his wife, in a small runabout, were just turning out of Maple street when Mr. Goss and his party, headed for Melrose by way of Spot pond, came down Main street. The corner is a blind one and the two machines were upon each other before either operator was aware of the other's presence.

Mr. Goss' touring car being the heavier machine, struck the smaller one with such force that both Dr. and Mrs. Brand were thrown out and landed on the ground with considerable force. They were able to proceed to their home in carriage, and are not believed to have suffered serious injury. Both machines were wrecked, and the Melrose party was obliged to go home by means of the electric cars.

No blame is attached to either party, the corner at the point where the collision occured being such as to have made it impossible for either to have averted the crash.

The Boston Journal, Boston, MA 25 Nov 1907