Springfield, MA Fire, Feb 1873



SPRINGFIELD, Feb. 5.---A fire broke out this evening in the block occupied by the Merchants' Union Express and Massachusetts. Mutual Life Insurance Company, and in a short time the flames enveloped the block. The heat became so intense that the compositors in the Springfield Republican office, the building adjoining, were obliged to stop work. The employes[sic] are busy removing valuables. The Telegraph office is now threatened and assistance has been asked from Hartford and Worcester.

1 A. M.---The rear and body of the Massachusetts Insurance Building has been destroyed. The front wall is still standing. Steamers are on the way from Hartford and Worcester.

Work has been resumed in the Republican Company's room, and the paper will appear as usual this morning.

The insurance building was almost entirely destroyed: loss about $75,000; insured. The books and papers of the company were all saved. The loss to the Republican, by water, is considerable; but at two A. M., the flames are under control. The fire is thought to have been the work of an incendiary.

The Indianapolis Sentinel, Indianapolis, IN 6 Feb 1873