Royalston, MA Train Falls Through Bridge, June 1870

MASS Boston, Hoosac Troy through bridge 6-16-1870.jpg


Boston, June 16.
A fearful accident occurred on the Vermont and Massachusetts Railroad between Royalston and Athol today. A train going west broke through a bridge. MR. JOHNSON, pop corn man and two others were killed; JOHN MURPHY, seriously wounded; WM. ELLIOTT, baggage-master, seriously wounded; A. C. GARDNER, leg broken; A. W. HOLCOMB, mail agent, seriously wounded; MISS L. L. BULLOCK, of Royalston, injured in the head; WM. FOSTER, engineer, injured in the head; Master THOS. JONES, head slightly injured; P. S. YOUNG, slightly wounded; NELLIE WHITAKER, slightly wounded; ALICE MATHER, slightly wounded; MRS. SALLIE FISH, slightly wounded; JONES, fireman, seriously wounded; MRS. CHAS. BEAN, slightly wounded; ANGELINE LATTERS, slightly wounded; HATTIE KING and infant, face hurt. R. WATERMAN, while assisting at the wreck, had his leg hurt. Surgeons were on hand, and every attention was shown to the wounded. The engine and three cars were wrecked.

Boston, June 17.
Those killed outright by the accident on the Vermont & Massachusetts R.R. yesterday were:
GEN. A. JOHNSON of Fitchburg.
The following list comprises most of those dangerously wounded:
JOHN MURPHY, of Lowell, recovery is impossible.
MRS. HATTIE KING and a small infant, both badly bruised.
WILLIAM ELLIOT, of Fitchburg, baggage master, probably fatally.
E. O. BRITTON, of Fitchburg, mail agent, back bruised and serious internal injuries which will prove fatal.
W. A. FOSTER, of Fitchburg, engineer, severely bruised and hip cut.
H. W. JONES, fireman, will probable not recover.
A. S. BLACKWELL, cut over right eye and head jammed.
GEORGE HOWARD, fatal fracture of the skull.
LUCY BULLOCK, of Royalston, bruised in the head and face.
JENNNIE BRUCE, badly bruised.
MRS. JAMES TURNER, of Royalston, probably fatally.
A. E. DOOLITTLE, leg broken.
BYRON BARTLETT, bruised in the face badly.
MRS. CHARLES DEAN SUNDERLAND, bruised in the face badly.
MRS. YOUNG, of Boston, head and chest badly bruised.
MRS. FIELDS, Taunton, leg broken.

Wisconsin State Journal Madison 1870-06-17