Weymouth, MA Beams Collapse In Hangar, Aug 1967



Weymouth, Mass. (AP) -- Three 60-ton beams forming part of an aircraft hangar under construction collapsed today at South Weymouth Naval Air Station. Police said two men were dead and three injured.
The collapse buried workmen beneath rubble and Navy personnel and police began digging out trapped personnel.
Two 30-ton cranes were demolished in the accident.
A man at the scene said four of the cranes were lifting the huge precast concrete beams into place atop girders.
Three of the beams were in place and the crew was working on the fourth when something slipped and it crashed, carrying the others down.
The beams have a 90-foot span. They landed on a concrete floor.
The accident occurred on the site of the station's old 800-foot blimp hangar torn down a year ago. The replacement hangar, about half as long as the old one, was to have been dedicated Sept. 30. The station is located about 17 miles south of Boston.
A Navy public relations officer said the collapsed buried "several civilian workers and equipment beneath it."
"Navy and local police are presently digging out the personnel from the wreckage and at this time five are known injured."

Delaware County Daily Times Chester Pennsylvania 1967-08-18