Montserrat, MA Train Wreck, Aug 1892


Passenger and Freight Trains Collide on the Boston and Maine Road.

MONTSERRAT, Mass., Aug. 18--A bad wreck occurred on the Gloucester branch of the Boston and Maine railroad at the crossing just east of this station at 5:40 yesterday afternoon. By the wreck Brakeman Heeney of Salem lost his life and seven men were badly injured.

Passenger train 112, from Rockport for Boston, left Pride's Crossing at 5:32 o'clock p.m. running exactly on schedule time. The train was made up of passenger engine Salem, baggage car and two passenger coaches, the latter being well filled with passengers.

The train was running at about thirty miles an hour when the engine rounded the curve just below the station and saw dead ahead on the same track and running at a full head of steam a freight train drawing three cars. The engines were within a few rods of each other when the engineers saw the danger. Both {ineligible} their machines, set brakes, struck to their posts and awaited the crash.

It came in a moment and was terrific, being heard by people more than a mile away from the scene of the disaster. The boilers of both the engines exploded, and both the gigantic machines are a shapeless mass.

The three cars on the freight train were totally wrecked, and three horses on a car were killed. The baggage car of the passenger train was {ineligible..three words here} strange enough, neither of the two passenger coaches were stirred from the track and not a passenger was injured in the slightest.

The force of the explosion of the engine, threw both engineers over a fence into a field, and Conductor Nacomber of the freight was thrown some distance.

Frank Heeney, a brakeman, was standing on top of the freight car when the crash came. He was thrown clean over the engine and landed in the wreck of the freight, being instantly killed.

How the accident ever happened under the existing circumstances is a mystery. The freight train was a special and was made up on the Gloucester switch engine which had orders to run to Beverly and get a carload of carriages and a car containing three horses. The train hands say there were no orders as to time.

The Fitchburg Sentinel, Fitchburg, MA 18 Aug 1892