Boston, MA Drowning, Aug 1901


Was Taking a Midnight Swim in the Artificial Pond in Franklin Park—Sank Without Outcry.

Francis J. Sullivan, 30 years old, living at the corner of Brookside Avenue and Ophir Street, was drowned in the artificial pond in Franklin Park shortly after midnight, Friday. Sullivan, in company with Dennis J. Crowley, Dennis J. Buckley and Thomas J. Flynn, all of whom live in Jamaica Plain, was walking home across the park.

When they came to the pond Sullivan said he was going in swimming, and started to undress. His companions tried to dissuade him, but he was determined to go into the water, and as he was a good swimmer, his friends did not think any harm would befall him. He swam out a short distance from the shore, and then without making any outcry whatever, threw up his arms and sank to the bottom.

His companions thought he was in fun, but when several seconds passed and he did not reappear, they became frightened, and finally went to Station 13 and reported the matter. Nothing could be done Friday night, but yesterday morning the police secured a boat and began grappling for the body.

Boston Journal, Boston, MA 11 Aug 1901