Boston, MA Runover by Street Car, Aug 1901


Patrick McCaffrey Run Over by an Electric Car on Green Street.

Patrick McCaffrey, aged 50, married, living at 142 Leverett Street, was run over by an electric car yesterday. His right foot was cut off above the ankle, and his head slightly injured.

The accident occurred on Green Street, shortly before 8 o’clock. MrCaffrey is an employe{sic} of the city, working for the Paving department. At the time of the accident he was working in the street, opposite 83, removing paving blocks from between the tracks. A Brighton electric car passed through the street at a swift pace, it is said.

The motorman, J. A. Roach, sounded his bell repeatedly warning workmen to get away from the tracks. All except McCaffrey were able to do so. He was struck by the fender and knocked down. Before the car could be stopped the forward wheel had passed over the unfortunate workman’s foot. The conductor of the car was N. G. Fay.

McCaffrey had been employed by the Paving Department for a number of years and is quite well known to city employes{sic}. He is at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Although seriously injured, it is thought he will recover.

Boston Journal, Boston, MA 11 Aug 1901