Turner Falls, MA Auto Accident, Jun 1938


John Richardson Suffers Broken Leg While Investigating Accident

Turner Falls, June 11.—Special Officer John Richason was badly injured shortly before midnight last night when he was struck by a car on the state road to Millers Falls. The car was going to Millers Falls and was driven by Albert Giknis of Fourth street, this town, who was taking some friends to Millers Falls, from the high school dance. There had previously been an accident and Officers Richason and Walter Casey were investigating it when Officer Richason was injured.

A car owned by William Baker of Millers Falls and driven by John Kopee of that town with three other passengers was headed towards Turners Falls when it was struck by a car owned and driven by Robert H. Brown of Griswoldville. The accident was caused by a tire blowout on the Brown car. There were four passengers in the Brown car and all were shaken and bruised. The most severely injured was Miss Mary Muha of H street whose jaw struck the windshield of the Brown car. She suffered lacerations and there is a possible fracture of the jaw. She was taken to the Farren Memorial hospital for treatment. All the passengers in the other car escaped without injuries.

As Officers Richason and Casey were investigating this accident, Giknis came along in his car and struck Officer Richason, breaking his left leg in two places between the knee and ankle. Dr. Warren D. Thomas of Montague Center was called and he had the officer taken to the Franklin County hospital. Police are making further investigation of the accidents before taking action. Officer Richason was taking the place of Night Officer Joseph Thaler on his night off.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 12 Jun 1938