Springfield, MA Laundry Extractor Accident, Jan 1900


Louis Rezzani Caught in the Extractor and Probably Fatally Hurt.

Louis Rezzani of 6 Mechanics row was probably fatally injured by being caught in an extractor at his place of employment in the Excelsior Laundry on Sanford street about 8:45 yesterday morning. His left arm was nearly severed from his body and his skull was fractured as the result of being caught in the highly speeded machine. He was taken to the Springfield hospital, but there is little hope that he will survive his injuries. Rezzani is deaf and dumb, but has been employed in the laundry, where his brother, Carlo, is the engineer, for some months. Yesterday morning he was engaged in cleaning the inside of the extractor, a machine for getting the water out of clothes. This is built like a tub with a second revolving drum inside. The inner part is so arranged as to turn at the rate of over 1500 revolutions per minute. Rezzani in some way caught his hand in the mechanism while reaching down between the outer and inner sections and was whirled about, his head striking the edge of the drum and his arm being drawn deeper and deeper into the machinery. Carlos Rezzani saw the accident and stopped the machinery, but not until his brother had suffered terrible injuries. Dr. D. J. Brown was called and attended him. At first it was thought he was dead, as no pulse could be detected, but he rallied under the influence of stimulants and was taken to the Springfield hospital in the ambulance. At the hospital his arm, which was nearly amputated by contact with the machine, was taken off and the terrible wounds on his head were dressed. He was unconscious late last night.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 23 Jan 1900