Boston, MA Fisherman Drowns, Jun 1900


The Gloucester fishing schooner I. J. Merritt, Jr., Capt. Suza, arrived at T Wharf yesterday morning with her flag at half-mast for one of the crew, who was drowned on the fishing grounds. The accident occurred on June 20 at about noon time. Bernardo Venturo and a dory mate had finished hauling trawls and were returning to their vessel, when the dory capsized, throwing both men into the water. The sea was running quite high at the time but both men managed to get hold of the overturned dory, relaxed his hold and sank just as assistance reached them. The other man was saved. Venturo was 30 years old, a Portuguese by birth, and lived at Provincetown, where he leaves a wife and two children.

Boston Journal, Boston, MA 29 Jun 1900