Whitinsville, MA Bicycle Accident, Sept 1896



Herbert W. Barnes, foreman of the tool job at the Whitins Machine Works, and local agent for the Columbia bicycle, was thrown from his bicycle between Rockdale and Riverdale Sunday afternoon, and severely injured. Barnes was riding at a fast clip, and must have struck some obstruction that threw him. He was unconscious for some time, and Dr. Blanchet of Rockdale was called. The doctor worked on him for some time trying to bring him to consciousness, but with poor success. He was taken to his home in Whitinsville, accompanied by the doctor, and Dr. Harriman, the family physician, was called. He agreed with Dr. Blanchet that Barnes was suffering from slight concussion of the brain, but it was not of a serious nature. He had a cut over his left eye. He will be laid up for some days.

Worcester Daily Spy, Worcester, MA 21 Sept 1896