Springfield, MA Train Accident, Jan 1900


Passengers on 7:16 Train Last Evening Get a Little Shock.

The passengers in the smoking car on the train on the New York, New Haven and Hartford railroad, due in this city at 7:16 last evening, were surprised and shaken up by the sudden crashing of five windows on one side of the car and the sudden stopping of the train, near William street. The accident was due to the opening of one-half of the door of a refrigerator car which was standing on a side track near the street. The passenger train was moving rapidly and the suction of air is supposed to have caused the door of the car to swing open. The engine and baggage car passed safely, but the door opened when the smoking car was passed and the car was caught at about the middle, where five windows were smashed in a twinkling. A large hole was also made in the side of the car by the iron brace on the refrigerator door. The glass was scattered over the passengers and Henry A. Trombley, a clerk in Forbes & Wallace’s, received several gashes on his face. He left the train as soon as possible, but did not require a physician to dress his wounds. The jolting of the cars attracted the attention of Conductor Cowles, who stopped the train at once. The cause of the damage was investigated and the train proceeded into the station.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 23 Jan 1900