Wesson, MA Train Wreck, Nov 1870

BROOKHAVEN, Mass., November 9--The south-bend mail train ran off the track at Wesson at half-past three this morning. No one hurt. The baggage and express cars were ditched, and the train proceeded until it reached a point two miles south of Brookhaven, when an axle of the tender broke, throwing all the train off except one sleeping car, killing A. C. Matthews of Memphis, F. Patrick, of Brookhaven, who were passengers and George Posey, brakeman, of New Orleans, and wounding the following named persons: C. Rutherford, baggage-master, leg broken; McGee, express messenger, and J. W. S. Gunn. The track will be cleared of the wreck by twelve o'clock tomorrow.

The Houston Union, Houston, TX 12 Nov 1870