Brightwood, MATrain Accident, Oct 1896


Mrs. Juliet Prior Struck by the 2 O’clock Train.

Another to the list of fatalities at Brightwood was added yesterday afternoon when Mrs. Juliet Prior of 31 Moore avenue, was struck and almost instantly killed by the 2 o’clock train north on the Boston and Maine railroad apposite the station. The woman was struck by an engine and thrown against and under the freight car that was standing by the side of the track. Her skull was fractured and her neck was broken, and she was crushed to such an extent that internal hemorrhages must have taken place. It is doubtful if she knew what struck her. Dr. W. R. Weiser was called, but the woman was dead before he arrived.

It has been the custom for some time for those who lived on the west side of the track to take a cross-cut to the electric car line by the end of the Brightwood station. This Mrs. Prior attempted to do. She took the side-track for several feet and started to cross over the main track. This was at 2:04 p. m. and the 2 o’clock train was already approaching. She did not seem to hear the train, but as she walked along northward she slowly crossed over to the main track, on which the train now was only about 500 feet away. Still unconscious of its coming and utterly oblivious to the sharp tooting of the whistle she continued to step along, slowly crossing the track all the while. The engineer applied the air-brakes with a jar. It looked for a moment as if she would get out of the train’s way before it reached her; she did clear the rails, but was struck by the forward part of the engine, probably the cylinder-head, and dashed against a flat car on the side-track. She was at once taken to the station and medical aid summoned, but she died before the doctor came without regaining consciousness. She lived alone at 31 Moore avenue, and leaves but one near relative, a sister, Mrs. Louise Stanton, of Hampden. The train which killed her was in charge of Conductor Sullivan and is known as train 27. It will be remembered that the same train killed a man at this same place last August.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 3 Oct 1896