Worcester, MA Fell Down Stairs, Jun 1889


About noon, yesterday, David Pickett, a mason's helper, while climbing the stairs in the new Fish block, on Church street, with a hod of motar, stumbled nd fell. He strick on the second floor, 20 feet below, cutting his head badly and injuring his shoulders. He was unconscious for several minutes, and was attended by Dr. Flagg, who was passing. Pickett was taken to his home, No. 9 Howard street. He is not dangerously hurt.

A carpenter, named Marshall, while working in F. S. Blanchard & Co.'s shop, No. 151 Front street, yesterday afternoon, putting in a new floor, fell through a hole and into the boiler room, a distance of 15 feet, cutting a gash three inches long in his scalp.

Worcester Daily Spy, Worcester, MA 3 Jul 1889